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Precious Pooches is an all inclusive service.  

We do not charge for “add-on” services.

Baths include:

Nail trim with grinding to eliminate sharp edges.

Ear cleaning and plucking (for the breeds with hair in their ear canal).

Bath with personalized shampoo, based on coat condition, skin condition, allergies, etc.

Conditioning treatment to soothe your dog’s coat and skin.

Blow dry – all dogs are completely fluff dried, with no cage or air drying.

Brushing – no tangles when your dog is finished!

Toothbrushing and breath spray – we always recommend that you get your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned at your vet.  This will just help keep your dog’s breath fresh between grooms!

Bow and/or bandana and cologne (along with everything else, this is completely optional.  Simply let us know if there’s something you do not want.)

Sanitary trim to keep potty areas clean.

Paw pad shaving.

Haircut to your request, whether that is a shavedown, full breed style, or anything in between.  We do our best to honor your request, although there are circumstances that require us to take a coat shorter.  


This is a popular service among double coated breeds, such as German Shepherds, Huskies, Akitas, etc.  It also works very well for flat coated breeds, such as Labradors, Boxers, Pugs, etc.  Simply ask if this will be a good fit for your dog.

Additional charges may be incurred for matted coats or excessive undercoat.

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